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Greatly to Be Praised

Greatly to Be Praised
We Believe

Key of G


Cadd9 G Cadd9 G


C2Song of all songs is the song we Gsing
C2Sound of all sounds heavens Gsymphony
C2Songs of love to you from us Gall
C2Songs of praise you’re the one we Gadore


We want to Emsing out Dloud
As heaven hears Emus and comes Ddown
In this day that we Emlive we’ll show our Dlove
With such awesome Cpraise


You are Ggreat and greatly to be Empraised
In all the Dearth in all the Cearth
You are Gstrong and Empowerful
In all the Dworld in all the Cheavens
You are EmGod so D /F#wonderful
All of Gheaven loves G /Byour Cname
You are Ggreat and Dgreatly to be Dpraised


Am7 G/B C