We Believe
We Believe

Key of D


You D /F#reveal your Gsecrets and Aall your Bmmysteries
To D /F#those who have Gfallen Acompletely in Bmlove with you


We Embelieve in your son and the D /F#power of the cross
We Gbelieve in your blood and Asuswhat it did for Aus
We Embelieve in your kingdom your D /F#kingdom has come
GHere on the earth will of AsusGod be Adone


BmWe will Gascend your Dholy Amountain
We will Bmstand in your Gpresence
And D /F#speak to the Awinds
BmEyes have not Gseen
What you Dhave for Asusus ALord
BmEars have not Gheard
What you Dhave for Athose who Bmbelieve