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Where You Go I Go

Where You Go I Go
We Believe

Key of D


BmWhere you go I go
What you say I F#m /Asay
What you pray I Empray
What you pray I Empray


BmJesus only did F#m /Awhat he saw you do
EmHe would only say what he heard you speak
BmHe would only move F#m /Awhen he felt you lead
EmFollowing your heart following your spirit

Pre chorus

BmHow could I expect to walk A2without you
When Emevery move that Jesus made was in surrender
BmI will not begin to live A2without you
For Emyou alone are worthy and F#susyou are always F#good


Though the Bmworld sees and soon forgets
A2We will not forget who you are
and what you’ve Emdone for us