No Longer Slaves
We Will Not Be Shaken

Key of B♭


Gm     F      B♭      E♭

Verse 1

B♭You unravel me, with a melody
E♭You surround me Fwith a songB♭
B♭Of deliverance, from my enemies
Till E♭all my Ffears are B♭gone


I’m no E♭longer a Fslave to fearB♭
I Gmam a Fchild of B♭God

Verse 2

From my Mothers B♭womb
You have chosen meDm
E♭Love has Fcalled my B♭name
I’ve been born B♭again, into your B♭ familyDm
Your E♭blood flows Fthrough my veinsB♭


Gm     F      B♭      E♭


GmYou split the Fsea, so I could B♭walk right E♭through it
GmMy fears were Fdrowned in Fperfect B♭love E♭
GmYou rescued meF, so I could B♭stand and sing E♭
I Gmam a child F of B♭God E♭