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Wherever You Lead

Wherever You Lead


I’m done trusting in what’s sinking

These boats weren’t built for me

I’m done drifting on the water

Of insecurity

In the noise and the distractions

In the storms of arguing

I hear Your voice calling



I’m gonna fix my eyes on Jesus

Walking with the One who walks on the sea

Oh, I’m gonna give my life to follow

Speak to me and I’ll go

Wherever You lead

(Wherever You lead)



I’m done worshiping an image

Of what only looks like me

Surrounding You with limits

Of what my eyes can see

God would You forgive me

Restore the mystery

I hear Your voice calling, calling



Wherever You go

Wherever You lead

That’s where I’ll go

That’s where I’ll be

The moment You call

The second You speak

That’s when I’ll go

Step out and believe


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