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You Deserve It All

You Deserve It All
The War Is Over

Verse 1
GFound in Your name the power to sDave
With only a whBmisper Amountains sGhake
Jesus, our hDope and stArength
GYou made a way, unlocked these chDains
Here in Your prBmesence stArongholds bGreak
Freed by the lDove You gAave

We give You the hDighest pAraise
You deserve it Emall, You deserve it Gall

Verse 2
GThere on a tree merciful KDing
Broken and shBmamed for aAll to sGee
The Father laid Ddown His SAon
GFrom darkness to liDght
Death lost to lAife
Heaven and Bmearth will jAoin and sGing
Jesus has oDvercAome

With eBmvery breath that’s in my lAungs
My hDeart cries out to You belAongs
The gGlory
Through eBmvery loss or victorAy
My sDoul will rise to only bAring
You gGlory