Anchor (Live)
Leah Valenzuela
You Make Me Brave

Key of D


Bm A G

Verse 1

BmIn every season,A in every change
You are Gnear
BmIn every sorrow,A You are my strength
You are Gnear


BmA peace in the Astorm
Your voice I will Gfollow
BmIn weakness I Arise
Remembering GYou hold Amy world


I’m Dholding on to hope
I’m Aholding on to grace
I’m Bmfully letting go
I’m Gsurrendered to Your ways
The Danchor for my soul
Father AYou will never change
I Emlove You, I Glove You

Verse 2

BmMy great Redeemer,A My constant Friend
You are Gnear
BmMy faithful Father,A You took me in
You are Gnear


DI will remember Your Apromise forever
My BmStrength, my Defender
I can Gcount on You
DYou are my Savior, My AHope and my Shelter
Your Emlove is forever
I can Gcount on You