Shepherd (Live)
Amanda Lindsey Cook
You Make Me Brave

Key of A♭


A♭ Ab/C D♭ E♭ A♭

Verse 1

In the A♭process, in the A♭ /Cwaiting
You’re making D♭melodies E♭over A♭me
And Your A♭presence is the A♭ /Cpromise
For I am a D♭pilgrim on a E♭journeyA♭


You will E♭lift my Fmhead above the D♭mighty A♭waves
You are E♭able to Fmkeep me from D♭stumblingA♭
And in my E♭weakness
You Fmare the strength that D♭comes from A♭within
Good B♭mShepherd A♭ /Cof my D♭soul
Take my B♭mhand and E♭lead me A♭on

Verse 2

You make my A♭footsteps and my A♭ /Cpath secure
So walking on D♭water is E♭just the A♭beginning
Cause my A♭faith to arise, stand at A♭ /Cattention
For You are D♭calling me to E♭greater A♭things


Oh A♭how I love You, A♭ /Chow I love You
D♭You have not Fmforsaken E♭me
Oh A♭how I love You, A♭ /Chow I love You
With D♭You is where I Fmwant to E♭be