We Dance (Live)
Steffany Gretzinger
You Make Me Brave

Key of D♭


D♭ G♭

Verse 1

D♭You steady me
Slow and sweet, D♭ /Fwe G♭sway
Take the lead and I will A♭follow
D♭Finally ready now
To close my eyes and D♭ /Fjust G♭believe
That You won’t lead me where You don’t go A♭


B♭mWhen my faith gets A♭tired
And my hope seems G♭lost
B♭mYou spin me A♭round and round
And G♭remind me of that song
The G♭mone You wrote for me

Chorus 1st – D♭ G♭
And we dance 2nd – D♭ Db/F G♭ A♭ x2
And we dance Last- B♭m A♭ G♭ Ab/C

Verse 2

D♭And I’ve been told
To pick up my sword and fight D♭ /Ffor G♭love
Little did I know that Love had won for me A♭
B♭mHere in Your arms
A♭You still my heart D♭ /Fagain
And G♭I breath You in like I’ve never breathed ‘till now A♭


And B♭mI will lock A♭eyes with the G♭One who’s D♭ransomed A♭ /Cme
The B♭mOne who A♭gave me joy for G♭mourningD♭ Ab/C
Oh B♭mI will lock A♭eyes with the G♭One who’s D♭chosen A♭ /Cme
The B♭mOne who A♭set my feet to G♭dancingD♭ Ab/C