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Relief for Iraqi Refugees.

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Our heart is to bring supplies and love to refugees in need.

There are now 3.4 million displaced people in Iraq after fleeing the violence of ISIS and their war torn villages. Bethel Music has partnered with Sean Feucht and The Burn 24-7’s long-term “Light a Candle Project” to raise $100k worth of food, blankets, heaters, mattresses, shoes and more for the people of Northern Iraq.

Sean and his team have been on the ground in Iraq for over 10 years, and we’re honored to come alongside their mission. This is the worst refugee crisis of our lifetime, and it is time for us to rise with healing and hope to bring His love to the refugees of Iraq.

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The refugees feel forgotten and alone.

They are dying daily from lack of food, water and basic necessities. The situation is as dire as it’s ever been. But the eyes of the Lord are STILL on these beautiful people and their land. He has not forgotten them, and has called peace-bringers with hope in their eyes, love in their hearts and support in their arms to be His hands and His feet. Donate now.


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