The Concept

No distance separates us from the Father.

"Starlight" is our first album recorded live on tour, and the follow-up album to "You Make Me Brave" (2014). The album features 14 songs led by Bethel Music worship leaders: Jenn Johnson, Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Kristene DiMarco, Kalley Heiligenthal, Melissa Helser, Hannah McClure, and Grammy-award winning guest worship leader, Francesca Battistelli.

"Starlight" is anchored in the message that our lives, our world, and all eternity are held together in Jesus. Like the stars placed in the universe, no distance separates us from Him. Just as the night sky displays starlight that has been traveling for years to reach our eyes, may what we sow in this life bear fruit that extends to generations we will never see.

The Journey

Recorded Live on Tour

We travelled up the East Coast USA in October 2016 and recorded our first live album on tour. In every city, these new songs released freedom and promise. Follow along the journey by scrolling left.

  • The Artists

    Amanda Cook

    We're all carriers of His presence. He was always this close. "Starlight" is a movement. I love that the verses paint the grandeur and majesty of God being God, but it comes down into the chorus comes back to this holy, sacred moment. This song is a response to His love.

  • The Artists

    Francesca Battistelli

    There’s something about declaring everything that His name can do and the power that it holds. My prayer is that people really connect to the truth of the gospel-- that every knee is going to bow and every tongue will confess that He is Jesus, and His name is above all other names.

  • The Artists

    Steffany Gretzinger

    His original desire is that worship would look like intimacy, like unbroken relationship. He is always good. We’re constantly returning to His goodness. I feel a returning, we’re remembering the truth that He is good. My prayer is that people will find themselves again, and that a whole generation that’s coming after us, won’t have to prophesy His goodness, but they’ll sing it with confidence.

  • The Artists

    Jenn Johnson

    Help me to love with open arms like You do, a love that erases all the lines and sees the truth. Oh that when they look in my eyes they would see You, even in just a smile they would feel the Father’s love.

  • The Artists

    Kristene DiMarco

    I want to put language to whatever people are going through, so they can declare over it. I want to use my whole life to develop a language of hope. Hope in a God that always comes through, He never fails. I want people to hold onto their hope and watch their triumph unfold.

  • The Artists

    Kalley Heiligenthal

    We can rest in the gospel of Jesus. We can lay down our fight, and rest in what He did. My prayer is that we sink deeper into what Jesus did. We can stand tall without shame, guilt or distance. He is our overcomer and victorious One that we get to stand with.

  • The Artists

    Melissa Helser

    I love seeing people feel empowered. I want people to feel confidence as sons and daughters. Watching thousands of people simultaneously stand up taller, declare a little bit louder with their whole hearts, "I am strong, I am full of life." You are coming into agreement with Heaven’s story over your whole life.

  • The Artists

    Hannah McClure

    When I was in a season of needing hope, and joy to rise up within me, I wrote this song. I needed this song for my season, but it was also a prophetic declaration that I felt the church needed to sing together. We can sing about surrender in a different way, surrendering in joy. We can trust in Jesus, in hope in your season.

The Music


The Promises

Written In the Sky

His promises are timeless and eternal. He's written hope and life over every circumstance.