Spine completely healed after Worship Nights

Testimony from Worship Nights

My husband, Steve, and I went to Worship Nights. In between sets, one of the pastors with Bethel Music came out, spoke briefly and prayed over needs. When he prayed for people with any sort of illness in their body, Steve and I raised our hands. He has been suffering with chronic migraines and I found out a few months back that the top portion of my spine was curving to the right and forward instead of backward as it should. This irregular curving in my spine was causing a lot of pain, tingling and numbness in my hands.

Those around us laid hands on us and the pastor prayed. The first time the pastor prayed, I felt the Holy Spirit working. Then he said he felt we needed to press in more. We pressed in harder and as prayer was going up to the heavens I felt all the pain in my neck leave my body! Then, after the he was done praying he said that some people think they didn’t get their breakthrough because they weren’t feeling anything yet. He said that when the people that felt that way woke up the next morning they would have their breakthrough. Steve, my husband, was one of those people, and true to the pastor’s words he woke up the next morning feeling better than he has in a VERY long time!

Our God is still in the healing business! I waited to share this testimony because I was able to see my doctor to get my neck X-rayed again. The irregular curve in my spine has been completely healed. All the glory, honor and praise to God!