A Revelation of the Father’s Love // Paul McClure

Paul McClure, Hannah McClure

“As I held my son on the first night of his precious life, I was overcome with a fresh revelation of the love of Father God. Suddenly, any view of God that remained in my heart as angry or uncaring became ridiculous as waves of the Fathers love washed over me. I realized as I looked at my boy that literally NOTHING could ever make me stop loving him. No mistake, no choice, nothing could separate my boy from my love and my fight to know him and be close to him.

The jealous, beautiful, love of a Father is an unstoppable force; a force that you must simply accept as a gift from the loving heart of God. I pray that this Fathers Day that you would never be the same as you encounter His love and goodness.” – Paul McClure #‎HappyFathersDay

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