Sing Winter – Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser

Watch as Jonathan and Melissa Helser share a special song and story:

One Christmas, Melissa and I decided to surprise our son, Cadence, with a ukulele. A couple of days before that Christmas, we had planned to stay up late on a Friday night after the kids had fallen asleep to bake cookies and wrap their gifts. As the house was filling with the aroma of Melissa’s baking, I was walking around the kitchen trying to play Christmas songs on Cadence’s new ukulele. I was doing my best trying to sing the old duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and Melissa was singing back to me as she put cookies in the oven. The last thing I was expecting to happen that night was to write a new song, especially on the instrument I was supposed to be wrapping, but suddenly in a very ordinary moment of life, something extraordinary started to fall upon us.

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