Sunday Moment: We Speak Life (Prophetic Moment) + Testimony – William Matthews

Skyler, the son of a Bethel Music team member, was rushed to the hospital when he became unresponsive and began to battle a life-threatening viral infection in his brain. A massive prayer movement began, and during a service at Bethel Church, William Matthews began to prophetically sing over Skyler’s situation, “You’re gonna live and not die says God.’ Little did he know that his prophetic declaration was being recorded and played in Skyler’s ear the moment before he was to receive an EEG, MRI, and CT scan. To the astonishment of the neurologist, the brain damage they thought was present was 100% healed.

This is from Skyler’s dad: “I feel that this is much bigger than Skyler’s healing– I believe it is a reminder to the entire body of Christ that there is immeasurable power in corporate prayer. I recall one night, as I began to walk back to my bed he called me back and said ‘Daddy, what does Skyler say?.'” I said, ‘I don’t know, what does Skyler say?’ He leaned in toward me and said with a whisper, ‘I’m UNBEATABLE!’ I lost it. I had never told him that before and he had never said that before. It was the power of God encountering him to give him the belief that nothing could defeat him, not even death!”

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