Take Courage feat. Kristene DiMarco

Kristene DiMarco, Starlight

Watch the live music video of “Take Courage” led by Kristene DiMarco. Get the full album “Starlight” now on iTunes and bethelmusic.com: https://BethelMusic.lnk.to/BMStarlightFA

“Often the calling of God, the words spoken over our lives are huge and way too big for our tiny thoughts about ourselves. The war with our self-doubt is a tough one but entirely necessary. If we don’t get a bigger house, that grand piano delivery guy will be stuck ringing our doorbell until we do something about it. Until our minds are brought into the obedience of Christ we will always believe we can only Handle a little ‘upright jam’ but the world is counting on us to grow until we can answer our door and invite in the entirety of our call.” – Kristene DiMarco