Your Love (Acoustic) – Josh Baldwin

Josh Baldwin

Watch the acoustic version of “Your Love” by Josh Baldwin and read the story behind the song below:

I love to sing about the love of God. I think most of the songs I have written have started from me just singing about His love. This song started that way for me. One morning while playing my guitar and worshipping, I just found myself singing about the love of the Lord. I love that there are so many things to say about His love. It can come to us through His gentle and comforting hand, or it can come in a powerful way and break down insecurities and fears. As I wrote this song that morning I was reminded of all the times the love of God had done that for me. There is such a peace that comes from knowing that His love has done the work. There is no need to strive or worry. He has overcome the world and conquered death.

I definitely go through different seasons in my life like anyone else, and I feel like the Lord has given me different songs for each one of those times. However, this song has been a constant one for me. This song has become my life song. I find myself going back to that line in the first verse often, “Break me down and walk inside. You can have my heart. You can have my life.” I know that I have already given my life to the Lord, and I know that He lives in me, but there is something about letting Him know that He is still welcome in me. I don’t want to just invite the Lord into my home. I want Him to actually feel welcomed there.

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