Without Words:
The God who established every star in its place and caused the earth to spin knows your name
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Without Words: Genesis by Bethel Music is a fresh expression of instrumental music, marking the third installment of Without Words following volumes I and II. The album features well-known songs such as “Reckless Love,” “What a Beautiful Name,” “Raise a Hallelujah,” and more, reintroduced with a diverse medley of instruments, vocal layering, and electronic features.

The story of Genesis is interwoven throughout the album with interludes marking each day of creation. Just as Adam was created in the secret space of a garden, absent of audience or sound, this album carves a space for listeners to meet with God face to face. Without words, agendas or the noise of life—this album invites us to experience the height, depth, length, and breadth of God’s love and be formed by the voice that birthed the heavens.

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