The Voyage
Amanda Lindsey Cook
Brave New World

Key G

Verse 1

GSpeak, even Bmif your voice is trembling

GPlease, you’ve been Bmquiet for so long

GBelieve, it’ll be Bmworth the risk you’re GtakingBm


Verse 2

You’re Gafraid, but you can Bmhear adventure calling

There’s a Grush of Bmadrenaline to your bones

What you Cmake of this Ammoment changes Geverything Bm



What if the path you Cchoose becomes a Amroad
The ground you Emtake becomes a Dhome
The wind is Chigh, but the pressure’s Amoff
I’ll send the Grain wherever we end Dup, wherever we end up


Verse 3

Set your Gsights, sailing Bmfar beyond familiar

In the rising Gtide, you’ll find the Bmrhythm of your heart

And lift your Chead, now the Amwind and waves don’t Gmatter Bm



CI am the wind in your Amsails

I am the wind in your Emsails

I am the wind in your Dsails