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Carry It All Away

Carry It All Away

Key of OF G

G   B/G   Em   C

Verse 1
GFace to the flame,
I feel the heat when B /GI speak Your name
Take this fear and Emmelt it all aCway

GFall to the floor,
You touch me and the B /Gtears start to pour
And I don’t feel the Emsame anyCmore   Am

Pre Chorus
Here inside the Cfire
One look in Your Ameyes and I’m not the sCame
You carry it all away! G

You carry, carry it all away, carry, carry it all away D (repeat)
EmAll of my doubts, all of my fears, all of my pain erodes Gaway
When CI behold Your Amface, You carry it all away! G

Verse 2
GFeet off the floor,
You lift me up and B /GI start to soar,
I’m seeing things that EmI’ve never seen beFfore

Pre Chorus 2
You’re inside my Cheart, I’m inside Your Amarms
And I’m not aCfraid, You carry it all away! G

My tears are washed away Em
My sorrow and my shame is C
On Your shoulders, it’sG on your shoulders D

I know You’re in control Em
My future and my hope is C
On Your shoulders, it’sG on Your shoulders