Explode My Soul
On the Shores

Verse 1

Whisper my F#mname so only I can Dhear
Call to my F#mheart, chase away D my fears
Stand up in F#m this place, fight for the one D you love
Won’t you come F#m surround me so I can rise D above


Explode my F#msoul, let these walls come Ddown
All these prison F#mthoughts crumble with the Dsound
Of my F#mdeliverance from my enemiesD
I stand up F#mbeside you, let’s watch these giants Dflee

Verse 2

Let the silence be F#mbroken, and the winter be Ddone
Will you come out of your F#m hiding, kiss me sweet D warm sun
Let the wind of Your F#m Spirit blow the dust off D my feet
I ran to You F#m broken but now I am Dcomplete


Hello promise Dland, we’ve waited for so Along
To see what we’ve Dbelieved in, to sing this promise land Asong
Explode my Dsoul, explode with Apraise
What he Dpromised is what he Agave