The Undoing put a voice to my journey

from The Undoing

I just love that someone, FINALLY, was brave enough to give a corporate voice to personal process and what that looks like. For so long, the emphasis has been amplifying an end result in the journey. But the in-betweens are truly the most intimate, revealing, strengthening and meaningful.

Learned to express heart through worship

from The Undoing

I have to tell you that “The Undoing”┬áis ministering so much to me and the season of life that I am currently in. I was anticipating the release of it because I had a feeling it was what I was needing to enhance my quiet time with the Lord. I wept like crazy because of

The Undoing brings peace and comfort

from The Undoing

My sweet friend told me about The Undoing right before I was admitted to the hospital to have my leg amputated. I listened to it on repeat each night in the hospital and it brought a wave of peace to me every time. It calmed my nerves, both before and after the surgeries. I continue to